Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrities as a Child

Do you know how did celebrities look like when they were a kid?
I was wondering then i decided to google it and found some interesting pictures
Some of them make me LOL.. Let's see the difference!

1. Ben Affleck

this pic is not really old, maybe it took when he was a teenager, but still cute ;)

2. Bruce Willis 

bruce willis? how come he was cute! i thought that he has had  hair problem since he was a kid
3. David Beckham 

ouh.. look at this cute boy! why didn't he become an actor? he's charming tho :)

4. Eminem

i can't belive that he had an innocent face, yeah you can compare it with his face right now, not innocent at all. lol

5. Johnny Depp
hey mr. Stench. he was chubby but those pics are so different. i don't know whether he is  or not. but he's sexy when he's older

6. Jude Law

look at those eyes! makes me melting. it fix with his face ;) but he wasn't really cute, and he was blonde?

7. Leonardo dicaprio 

what a cute boy (or girl?) he looked like a girl lol. when he was 8, "so cute"! when he was 20, "gorgeous"! when he's 40, "who is this guy"?

8. Orlando Bloom

from all those celebrities childhood pics, this is the best one!  look at his smile, it's still the same, right? *melting my heart*

9. Robert Pattinson 

oh robert, everygirl in the world (who like Twilight or something) want you to be their bridegroom (no i don't) who knows that you were scary as a child

10. Bradley Cooper

this little cute boy is the sexiest man alive! i love his eyes, his smile, his chest, and everything

11. Tom Cruise

what kind of hairstyle did he has? haha it's so funny LOL.  and he missed a tooth, crap!

12. John Travolta

what is this? a doll? his eyes was so big! i thought that it's a manga picture. it's so funny LOL

13. Lady Gaga

nah, no wonder she's ugly now. eew, i don't wanna see her without make up, it's the worst thing ever!

14. Madonna

who knows that this cute little girl would date a younger man, much younger than her! i think she's a pedo LOL

15. Megan Fox

look at this ugly duckling LOL but at least she's truely a girl, not a transgender i guess :p

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