Friday, December 2, 2011

First of All

Hmm.. Well.. Okey.. Umm.. Ehem.. *cough* Hey, it's my first post..

Oh i can't believe that i make a blog!!! What the hell am i thinking? I don't even like writting. Wait, i DO like writting, i just don't know how to write, geez!
What should i do with this blog huh?
Maybe i can write on all of my thoughts, what i feel, my experience and yeah everything like everyone write on here. But i hope that nobody read my post (why i'm here?) hahaha
I'll do my best to post it with english, yeah you know my english is not good enough and i wanna fix it. My TOEFL is only 480, geez. What an embarassing score i had.
I know i'm kinda stupid, fool, dumb, and lazy. Duh, stop saying that you're stupid, Rani. Everybody know that you're stupid, you don't have to emphasize it! I also really really sloppy, i often fell down on the bus, can't maintain a balance hahaha. What an embarassing momment it was!
Oh but can you believe that this stupid girl has ever had an honor when she was in high school? That was a proof, this girl is not completely a fool i guess hoho. But she's still a fool in college :P
Okey, for now that's all i wanna say. I can't resist anymore, i wanna lay my head on the bed right now, it's 2am. I think i'm too drunk, i don't even know why i'm holding a Guinness and Heineken can. I can't remember when i bought it (what are they? i don't know what they are, but they taste damn good) Oh WAIT, i think i find a reason why i make this blog. Oh damn, stupid girl! F***! I shouldn't drink it, but too late to regret. Ah what the hell *gulp it again and again*

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