Wednesday, December 28, 2011


"You can't sleep because you have insomnia. I can't sleep because i have internet connection"
Damn that's right.. It's 3am and i'm still wide awake!
This is so crazy. I don't want to sleep but i dont even know what i'm doing on internet. I'm only chatting with cyber friends from the other side of the world. I know it wastes my time and there's no advantage of doing this, but i enjoy it. I really like it, maybe that's because i rarely talk to anyone in real life, so i'd rather choose my cyber life (?) maybe..

Actually, i do it because there's someone i'm waiting for but he never comes out! Wait in vain.. Ah, what a fool! (ssssttt don't tell anyone about it, this is a secret between us, okay?) He likes me, but i was pretending i don't like him. I ask him to get away from my cyber life! I regret it!! Now, i think he will never come again!! Ahhhh what a fool girl i am!
Okay forget about that. Well i'm not only waiting for someone, but also i'm doing "hunting". Do you know what is it? I think it's not important. I do "hunting" to find someone that can replace him hahaha (again, what a fool girl i am!) I can easily forget about someone if there's another one to replace it! It's so easy for me. (i think i don't have a heart)
Sometimes i sleep at 23.30 if only i have a morning class tomorrow. If there's no class, i sleep at 3am or 4am, it usually happen on weekend.
But one one day i slept at 4am and i would have a class in the morning. And damn yeah, i fell asleep in the class till the end of that day! I was so sleepy.. But i didn't regret it hahaha
I love my laptop, i love my internet, i can't live without it!!! (or i can't sleep without it?)

I don't know what would happen if my mom knows that i always stay awake all night long. Oh i don't even want to imagine it, it's a disaster! (trust me you don't wanna see her when she's angry!)
Oh hey, i just realize that it kills me slowly, yeah one of my cyber friend told me that it's not good for my health. He tried to warn me, but i do it again and again. What a fool girl i am!

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