Monday, March 5, 2012

Reality, Back to My Torture Days

Today was the first day in second semester, first day to go to school again after a "quiet long but enough" holiday. Back to reality, back to my sucks daily activity. Yeah i know, it's really sucks. I hate Monday!

I should leave my cyber life and get back to my real life. I used to stare at the laptop screen all the day, now i should stare at that books. I used to wake up really late (10am) in the morning, then i woke up really early (5am) this morning. I used to sleep really late (3am), then i selpt quiet late too (1am) this night. Actually my plan was i should sleep at 11pm, but then ya know, he wanted me to call him at 9pm, and he didn't allow me to sleep cause he missed me so baaad. Yeah i know, everyone always miss me that bad, well that's normal LOOOL.

So i woke up 5am this morning, then i took a shower. Oh FYI, i take a bath everyday, not once per 4 days like he does. Yeah he said that to me, he's unNormal. What a disgusting eventho he lives in London which has cold weather.

Ah owkway, leave that stinky thing about him. After that i had breakfast, went to school at 5.30 with ma dad and ma sista by car, but Dad dropped me to the bus fu**ing shelter. So i took Transjakarta which was really fu**ing crowded. I couldn't even move my leg, my hands and i couldn't breath! I was about to die there, i almost wanted to jump to the driver, shouted to him "Press that fu**ing accelerator harder, you dirty animal !!" then turned the steering wheel to the cliff  and leave my fu**ing beautiful school, my beautiful life, and my everything. But thanks God, you saved me from that sucks bus and dropped me at bus shelter in front of my fu**ing lovely university.

After that, i walked through the long way there. I should pass through the broken bridge like you saw in Indiana Jones movie, climbed a big cold windy mountain, jumped from cliff to cliff, through a wild jungle and what a schocked i met a tiger, i had a fight with it, and then "Tadaaaa (sound effect), finally i saw my lovely university" . (Don't say that you believe in that story above -.-)

I sat in the class, met my friends, chatted and shared gossip with them before the class start. When the Bank and Financial Institution class started, i felt something really heavy in my eyes, yeah sleepiness was kicking me (but it wasn't worse than in the Accounting class). And damn, i also felt headache and got a common cold (dafuq, i mean "masuk angin"). I kept burping and farting (ups, sorry someone who sat beside me, but it wasn't smell bad, wasn't it? bahahaha) But when the class finished, those were all gone. Yeah weird huh.

Those were the torture that happened to me in my first day after a long break and i will face it again and again and again for 4 months ahead. I'm dying !! Save me !! HELP !!

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