Friday, June 29, 2012

Playing Guitar is NOT That Easy

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything (Plato)
Music can change the world because it can change people (Bono, U2)
I got my first guitar (Yamaha C-310) when i was in 6th grade. I begged my dad to buy me a guitar. I promised him to learn guitar, but it was just a promise. No one taught me to play it and i tried to learn it from a book. I knew some chords from that book but it was too hard, i didn't know how to strum it, i didn't even know anything about music. So i gave up and my guitar was just one of useless properties in my room, i didn't touch it for a very long time.

Until a couple weeks ago, i had a tragedy and i really want to write a song about how i feel but i was stuck. I didn't even know anything about music and i couldn't play any musical instrument. So i only listened to Christina Perri's song and Taylor Swift's "Dear John" (it was really fit to my condition and felt a bit better after listening to this song). But listening to other people's song is not enough, i wanna write down my own story. I feel motivated by those two awesome songwriter + singer.

I opened up Youtube and "tadaaaaa" i can play guitar! Well i only play some simple song for beginner, such as Teardrops on My Guitar, The Best Day, You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift) and Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People). I haven't tried with Christina Perri's song because her songs are pretty difficult, the strumming and she use more than 4 chords in a song.

I'm still learning and i'm not fluent playing it but i try my best (at least i'm not that blind at music). Now the problem is i have a nylon string guitar, it needs to tune routinely and i can't tune it. But thanks God a couple days ago my sister's friend came to my house and borrowed my guitar then he tune it. hoho.

Wanna see my first video cover? It's Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. It's not really good but enough for a stupid beginner like me -__-.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Christina Perri Live in Jakarta

Do you know Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 's original soundtrack, A Thousand Years? Or have you ever heard a wonderful voice singing Jar of Hearts on the radio? Yeah she's The Amazing Christina Perri.

I've been waiting for her performance in Jakarta since a long long time ago, and when i heard that she's gonna have a show in Jakarta i was like "Damn, i must get the ticket soon, no matter what it is (tribune or festival)". When i was on twitter and looking for the information, i found that i could get a discount if i pay with BRI card! Oh yeah, i must buy the festival ticket! And yeah i got it!! :)

The ticket had been in my hand and i was so damn excited about it and couldn't wait to see her and i even got insomnia just because i kept thinking what would happen on her show lol.

On 5th June 2012, i went to Tennis Indoor Senayan with my sister, Gita, at about 5pm. The first gate hadn't been opened, i had to wait until 5.30pm and waited for the second gate opened at 6pm. You know what was so fun in that day? I got a quick access because i hold a BRI debt card HAHAHA (thanks BRI). So i was the first person who step in the festival venue! I was like "Oh shit, i can't believe i'm in the first line, exactly in front of her stage and there's no one here but me". Then me and my sist took some picts in front of the stage.

Oh yeah i forgot, i met a new friend anyway her name's Irene and she's right beside me. When i was so bored of waiting at 6.30pm, i was looking at the tribune area and what a surprise! I saw Christina Perri's crazy drummer, Elmo Lovano and her handsome guitarist, Johnny Hanson. I shouted spontaneously "ELMO!! JOHNNY!!" and some people looking at me and them. I think there was no one know those two awesome guys but me. They looked confuse and were like "Who the hell?". (Dumb people are dumb, they don't know anything about Christina Perri's awesome band. Her band and her are like a family and they look so great together, especially Christina Perri and Elmo Lovano, they are like a perfect match!) And another awesome thing was Elmo and Johnny walked through the festival area and i ran to them spontaneously. I kept saying "Oh My God!" We had a small talk about Christina Perri's show tonight and he said that this is her biggest show, and they were so excited about it and can't wait to see the crowd. I still can't believe that i had a small talk with them? OMG. I used to watch them on Youtube but yesterday i met them and had a talk. OMG. I've seen it before on Youtube Elmo played a drum and it was freaking crazy and amazing. I've seen Johnny played a guitar and it was so beautiful, sweet and cool. But in that day, i watched them live in front of my eyes. OMG. Oh i saw Andy Frost too, but he was busy on the stage preparing the show. After that we took a picture, and they are so tall. I looked like a small little rat between them Lucky me!

 Elmo Lovano, Me, Johnny Hanson (left to right)

At 8.30pm Christina Perri greet the audience, she was wearing beautiful long red dress and black boots with her beautiful guitar. She looked gorgeous in real! OMG i was looking at my favorite singer, in front of my eyes only about a meter from me.

The first song was 'Bang Bang Bang' after that Black + Blue, Distance, My Eyes, Bluebird, Crazy (new), Be My Baby, the sweetest one A Thousand Years, Run (new for 2nd album), The Lonely, Mine, Jar of Hearts, Tragedy, and the last one was Arms.

When she sang A Thousand Years, she gave a rose!! OMG She gave me a rose with her own hand! Still can't believe it haha. Oh I love you, Christina Perri!

This is me with Christina Perri's rose and my messy face after the show
(look behind me, one of them is Andy Frost)

This is the crowd at Tennis Indoor, Senayan
(Christina Perri's Instagram)

And this is Jar of Hearts Live in Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Black and Blue

Thanks for everything you gave : happiness and pain.
It was some experience. You taught me to be a better woman. There was a scar that you gave to me and it hurt so bad, but now i don't feel it anymore (Wow, it was my fastest recovery). See? You make me a better woman, i'm trying to let go off something that hurt my feeling. It doesn't mean i run away, it's because i still love myself and don't want it to get hurt too deep. And it's not wise to love someone who can never love you, so i just go and give up.
A month ago when i tried to let you go, i couldn't do it because you came to me again with all your freaking excuses and i was fool to believe. Now, i swear i won't do the same mistake and this time i really move on. Delete me from your contact list and do not ever text me again (Oh you've removed me on Facebook anyway). So back the fuck off from my life!
Oh and hm.. i'm a really nice person, i said that you have a chance if you say sorry to me but i still haven't got your "sorry". Bitch please, you know what you did but you still keep denying, you're a grown up man, not a boy! (or are you just a boy? not sure). So this is the last goodbye.