Sunday, June 3, 2012

Black and Blue

Thanks for everything you gave : happiness and pain.
It was some experience. You taught me to be a better woman. There was a scar that you gave to me and it hurt so bad, but now i don't feel it anymore (Wow, it was my fastest recovery). See? You make me a better woman, i'm trying to let go off something that hurt my feeling. It doesn't mean i run away, it's because i still love myself and don't want it to get hurt too deep. And it's not wise to love someone who can never love you, so i just go and give up.
A month ago when i tried to let you go, i couldn't do it because you came to me again with all your freaking excuses and i was fool to believe. Now, i swear i won't do the same mistake and this time i really move on. Delete me from your contact list and do not ever text me again (Oh you've removed me on Facebook anyway). So back the fuck off from my life!
Oh and hm.. i'm a really nice person, i said that you have a chance if you say sorry to me but i still haven't got your "sorry". Bitch please, you know what you did but you still keep denying, you're a grown up man, not a boy! (or are you just a boy? not sure). So this is the last goodbye.

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