Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nothing, just bored

Two months without doing anything fun, bored to the max!
I have nothing to say, i'm just BORED!

Reading novel?
Fun, but still bored.

Chatting with random people?
They're all pervert, go to hell!

Chatting with friends?
Who? I'm alone!
Writing a song?
Have no idea. Ah wait, maybe i'm gonna write you a song about being bored.

Post something on my blog?
I'm doing it

Playing guitar?
Fuck that. I still can't do it well.

Singing out loud like crazy?
I already did, some people shouted at me to shut it.

Hanging with the girls?
Too lazy to go out from my room.

Hanging with the boys?
I'm not a slut.

Go to the cinema?
Have no money.

Playing games?
What game? Angry birds? Fuck that.

Stalking people?
That's fun! *evil smile*
But who am i going to stalk? Nothing interesting