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Norse Mythology

Now I'm gonna tell you some knowledge about mythology. Actually it's not a new stuff, but I already knew it after I watched Thor movie. "What about it?" Yeah it's about Thor, Loki and Odin. Ah and I didn't even realize that those characters came from Norse mythology and paganism. 

Besides Greek, the Northern Europe has their own mythology, it's called Norse Mythology. Norse Mythology is the study of the myths told in Germanic countries (such as Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland) during the pre-Christian times, especially the Viking Age. The Norse gods and goddesses was loved by the Vikings. People around the world have been fascinated and inspired by Norse Mythology for centuries. As you can see, J.R.R Tolkien books (such as The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, etc) were inspired by this mythology and also the runes, the written system of letter symbols used by the Germanic tribes before Christianity. Connection can be drawn between the character of Gandalf and Odin, especially in his guise as a wandering wizard.

There are some of Norse gods and goddesses:
Odin is a major god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard. Yeah we can say he's kind of Zeus. He was the god of inspiration, transcendent, mantic or phropetic knowledge. He only had one eye. Odin was married with Frigg and had sons, Balder and Hod. Odin and Fjorgyn had a son named Thor, Fjorgyn was a jotun woman. Odin had some weapons, a magical spear (Grungnir) and a magical golden ring (Draupnir). He had a nickname, Odin the Wanderer.

The thunder god. He was the son of Odin and Fjorgyn. Thor was also known to be ill tempered. He was the strongest god but not the smartest, many Jotuns could tease or fool him. His weapon was Mjolnir, a hammer. It could hit any targets, after the target was hit, Thor's hammer returned to Thor's right hand all by itself.

In The Avengers movie, Loki was Thor's brother. Actually, Loki was blood brother (not related by birth) with Odin. He was the son of Farbauti and Laufney, they both were Jotuns. Loki was a shape shifter and a trickster (remember The Mask movie? aha, that's Loki stuff). Loki lived in Asgard, he would bring the Aesir in the uttermost embarrassment, and often Loki saved them with his cunning character.

She was the queen of Asgard, wife of Odin and daughter of Fjorgyn. She had a powerfull gift of prophecy. Frigg associated with love, marriage, fertility, and motherhood.

He was a god of light and the keeper of the Bifrost the rainbow bridge which connected Asgard and Midgard. His teeth were made of gold, that gave Heimdall the nickname Gold Tooth. He had very good eyesight and hearing. Heimdall was the son of Nine Mothers, and they were all sisters.

She was the goddess of love, lust beauty, sorcery, fertility, gold, war, and death. Freya was incredibly beautiful and had many admires. She was the former member of the Vanir but she was sent to Aesir with two others. Freya had twin brother named Freyr and was a daughter of Njord and Nerthus.

In Norse Mythology has nine worlds, each joined the "World Tree", Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil was the tree of life. It was an eternal green Ash tree, its branches stretched out over all of the nine worlds. The nine worlds are:

1. Asgard
It was in high up the sky, home of gods and goddesses in Norse Mythology. The male god was called Aesir, the female was called Asynjur. Odin was the ruler and chief of Asgard, and married to Frigg (the Queen of Asgard)

2. Vanaheim
It was the home of the Vanir gods. The Vanir was an old branch of gods. They were masters of sorcery and magic, and also have talent at predict the future.

3. Alfheim
It was right next to Asgard in heaven. Home of the light elves, they were beautiful creatures and considered the "guardian angels". Freyr was the ruler of Alfheim. Light elves were the minor gods of fertility and nature, they could help human with their knowledge of magical power.

4. Midgard
Or "Middle Earth", home of the human. Sounds familiar with these words? Yes, it's the Middle Earth in Lord of The Rings stuff. Located in the middle of the world, below Asgard. It was connected to Asgard by Bifrost the Rainbow Bridge, like in The Avengers movie.

5. Jotunheim
It was the home of the jotuns and the giants. They were the sworn enemies of Aesir. There was no fertile lands in Jotunheim, consisted mostly of rocks, wilderness and dense forest.

6. Svartalfheim
It was the home of the dark elves. They hated the sun so they lived in the murky underground. The dark elves were nothing but trouble and annoying. Many thought that they were responsible for nightmares. This dark elves were called mare. A mare would sit on a sleeping person's chest and whisper bad dreams to haunt the person.

7. Niddhavellir
It was home of the dwarves. They lived under the rocks, in cave and underground, at a place called Niddhavellir. Hreidmar was the king of Niddhavellir. The dwarves masters of craftmanship, like Thor's hammer (Mjolnir) and Odin's spear (Grungnir)

8. Niflheim
Or "Mist Home" was the darkest and coldest region, it's in the north of the world. There was the eldest of the three wells, called Hvelgemir and it was the origin of all living and the place where every living will go back.

9. Muspellheim
The land of fire. It was created far to the south of the world. It was a burning hot place, filled with lava, flames, sparks and soot. Muspellheim was the home of the fire giants, fire demons and ruled by the giant Surt. He was the sworn enemy of Aesir.

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