Friday, December 14, 2012

Fright "Poci" Night

First of all, do you know what "Poci" really is? It's a cute name that I give to a some kind of Indonesian ghost. The real name is "Pocong". If you guys wanna know how it really looks like, you can Google it. I ain't gonna show you here, I don't want to scared to death if I suddenly see the picture when I open up my Blog. For God sake, it's never gonna happen!

This time I'm gonna tell you my scary story. Maybe it's not too scary for you guys but for me, "Hell, I wish it never happened to me!"

The phenomenon happened in my Grandma's house. It's a small town in West Java. Her house has a large back yard, it's connected to an alley and some neighbor's house. Me and my cousins (Fahmi, Fahri, Mita, Gita, and Ami) hang out there and played some outdoor games when we were a kid. But anyway, we always feel like a kid, do some stupid and immature things...even now. Aha, don't judge!

In that fright night when I was fifteen, we decided to burn some firecracker. "BAAAM! BAAAM!" It was very loud, I bet it annoyed everyone near there. Even a neighbor shouted to us to shut it, but we didn't shut it down and keep burning. Ouh yeah bad ass kids!

The night was getting late and the cold let people fell asleep to their warm bed. Owl kept singing the night's lullaby and the silence was killing us softly. We were out of firecracker, we burned them all. Getting bored of 10 minutes of silence, we were looking for something to do. Fahmi started digging up his nose, tried to catch up something. Fahri kept looking at his cellphone, Mita was staring at his crush across the yard outside, the others and me were just looking around.

My cousin, Fahri, always wanted to play with my cellphone for some reason but I don't know what (maybe he was just bored) so I gave it to him. He meant to catch Mita's crush outside the yard with my cellphone cam. Opened the cam but it was too dark, then he set it up with night mode. Nah, now I could see the cam was more brighter. But wait..the brightness was way too bright, it was unusual. I kept staring at the cellphone and i was like...

holy crap!

There was something on my cam but when I looked at the place that my cam shot there was nothing. Do you know what I saw there? I saw this tall figure, really tall, almost reach the roof. It was white, all in white, but black on the face. I'm not sure if there was a face or not. So the point is, this was a creepy figure and I just knew it for the very first sight that it was a "Poci". That thing was staring at me, I was shocking and couldn't move my legs. No one there realized that they saw a "Poci", not even Fahri (the one who holding the cam, i know this guy is such a fool)

I looked at their face. I was shaking and they were still trying to figure out that thing. And with my very last breath, I tried my best to open up my mouth and talked. "Thhaaatt iissss.... Dooon't youuu guyss knoow whaat iiitt isss? Doo youuu knooww what I'mmm thinkkkingg?"

After that, I didn't know what happened to them anymore. I ran as fast as I could, as far as I could. I didn't think about them anymore, I think they just realized what that it is when they saw me running away. And that was hilarious, how long did it take to recognize that thing huh? What a fool kids!

Peace out!
Stay away from Poci.