Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The 10th Doctor

David Tennant, The 10th Doctor Special Edition

The Doctor
What the hell?

10's hair porn
look at that fantastic hair

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Definitely ❤ Doctor Who

I've been watching Doctor Who since a couple of months ago, yeah kinda late to watch it because I already knew that Doctor Who is such a brilliant tv series. And for you guys who haven't watched it I swear you will love it (if only you are geek enough)
Doctor Who is a Sci-Fi British tv series produced by BBC. It's the adventure of a Time Lord, he's called the Doctor. He travel around the time and space in his TARDIS (a time travelling space ship, appears as a blue British police box) with his companions. 

The Doctor is an extraterrestrial, humanoid alien from planet Gallifrey. In the first and second season, explained that he's the last of his kind, the others are destroyed by the Daleks. Apparently, he's not alone. There was another one, he's called the Master but then in the end of 4th season he died.

The Doctor age is now 1200 years old. Oh he's so old, but his face is not old, why? He can be regenerated, when he's dying he regenerate his body to live again with the new face, new body, new fashion look, and new personality. That's why eleven actors have played the role.

Doctor Who is such an old tv series which is still produced. The First Doctor appeared on tv in 1963 and the last of old version was with the Eight Doctor in 1995. Then it appeared again with new version in 2005 with Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) with his companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). The 9th regenerated to be the 10th (David Tennant) with his companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and then he regenarated again. The 11th returns (Matt Smith) with his companions Amy Pond and her husband Rory Williams. Ah it's a long story, isn't it?

The 9th - Christopher Eccleston
The 10th - David Tennant
The 11th - Matt Smith
So far, my favorite Doctor is The 10th Doctor. He is soooo mad, brilliant, funny, hilarious, lovely, sexy, and yeah I think he's the fittest actor to be the Doctor. Oh I love his accent. And my favorite companion is Donna Noble. She's funny, brilliant, fantastic. She's just want to be a mate with the doctor, they're the cutest bestfriend. You know what? Donna was being the DoctorDonna because she touched the Doctor's spare hands and she has timelords mind but in the end she lost that memories. 

Everybody's favorite companion is Rose Tyler (but not me). I'm a bit jealous with her, she can take the Doctor's heart. I know he loves her. I am jealous! Moreover Rose could live with the Doctor 'human version' in Pete's world (yeah long story). I know they would married AH I'm sooo angry. But yeah Rose Tyler is long gone, she's in the paralel world with the Doctor 'human version'.

Alright, that's all for now Doctor Who session :)
Peace out and