Monday, March 11, 2013

the most feared

I got a fucking terrible dream, my biggest fear this week.

It was about my number one crush video called me because he just wanted to tell that he's going to settled down this year with a 22 years old Malaysian woman and I was like "OH SHIT!" (with an ironic sound effect and the camera was getting far from the object) and then, tadaaaaa here I am writing about it at 4 AM.

And the weird thing is, he rarely come online but when I opened up my messenger, tadaaaaa here he is. I suddenly sent him a "hi". It's probably supposed to be "Hi, you're not getting married this year, right? You're gonna wait for me until I'm 25 right? And marry me, maybe?" LOL


  1. it's 4:35 in the morning and I'm laughing my ass off due to this stupid post of yours mahahahahaahha

    1. yes naw I was scared to death, sumpah sedih mimpinya HAHAHAHA gue juga ngakak baca lagi hahah