Monday, April 15, 2013

People won't stop judging

I actually hate it while the people I know well are judging other people. I don't know what they're thinking about those people they judge, they don't know them very well tho.

You probably say that you won't judge people, but unconsciously you judge them beneath your breath even though you don't say it loud (pointed at me). So dear people, please don't mention "I'm not a judgemental person, I'm not that bad, I'm not that kind of person, bla bla bla" , because people are so judgemental.

And my pal, please don't say those words about my crush. She doesn't know him well but keep saying that "Ugh I don't like that kind of boy". Moreover, she said it with that disgusted face and underestimated voice.

I know he's not as handsome as her crush, I know he's not as tall as her crush, I know he's not as cool as her crush, I know he's (maybe) not as rich as her crush, I know he is that nerdy boy. But if she wants me to explain all the good damn thing about him, it's probably gonna be more than she could say the good thing about her own crush... and gonna be more realistic. 

If one day she's gonna ask that question again "What the hell is the good damn thing about him ?", I can beat her all over. But I just don't wanna make a shit little thing like crush, screw a good friendship. So if she choose to keep judging him, let her be. He's not my boyfriend tho, so what the hell ...

Can you please stop making me feel like a "low-standard boy" picker?
(Which is I know I'm actually not)

People have some different ways to see the world,
and none of it are wrong or right