Sunday, June 9, 2013

WOOHOO such a great news. A Rocket To The Moon's gonna make a concert in Jakarta again with All Time Low. It's gonna be loud and cray and crowd. ARTTM was here in 2011 with another 2 emo pop band. And this time they share the stage with ATL on August 23rd 2013.

Do you know that this is ARTTM farewell show? Yeap, it's their last tour as a band. Nick (the vocalist) announced that they broke up last May. Sad sad sad.. No more ARTTM. This is gonna be my first and my last attendance of their concert.

I get the presale ticket, thank God. For two awesome bands, the ticket is cheap, really cheap. I paid 450k for redzone, that's the presale ticket. Can't wait to see those guys and sing along.

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