Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Last Farewell

After all this long we spent much time together. All night long and all day long. I couldn't stop listening to your beautiful voice. The songs you made always right on my side through the good and sad moments. You always there whenever I'm happy, joyful, numb and broken. 
It's hard to say goodbye because we can't face the truth that it's a tragic ending of a broken thing. Then please don't say goodbye. We all gotta have faith that we can meet up in some other time whether with your old or new form. So please just say "See you later".
Last night was my first and last attendance for A Rocket To The Moon (ARTTM) concert in Jakarta. Right after this tour, they won't come back as A Rocket To The Moon anymore, sad sad sad. I came with my pal, Sisca. Well we went together, but we separated cause she got a meet&greet ticket with ARTTM. Yup, I know. Damn, lucky her!

I can't deny that it was a GREAT farewell show. They couldn't stop saying "Kami cinta kalian", means "We love you all". Halvo couldn't say it well, then Nick teased him "Yeah you got it man" haha. We all can see how much they enjoyed Jakarta, they took many pictures in Instagram and tweeted many times. Seems like they were too excited.

The crowd? Fv*ck the crowd! I couldn't breath, I was right in the middle of the crowd. They kept pushing around at each other. Many of them gave up and out, 72 people fainted and went to paramedic. But I'm a big tough girl, I literally survive.

Last night I just couldn't take my eyes off of Andrew the hot drummer. He was fuckin rock it and daaamn sexy. I couldn't help it, my ovaries just exploded. I dunno why but I'm easily attracted to the men with beard (right after read this some guys will grow their beard for me lol).

They played many songs from Wild&Free and On Your Side album such as If Only They Knew, Wild and Free, Whole Lotta You, Baby Blue Eyes, If I'm Gonna Fall in Love, Nothing At All, Going Out, Give A Damn, Dakota, On Your Side, On A Lonely Night, Ever Enough, Like We Used To, Sometimes, and the last great one was Mr. Right. 

I didn't take many pictures, I was too concentrated with the show. But I recorded some songs last night with my cellphone, and I uploaded the video in Youtube when they played Mr. Right (you can check it out). It was too shakey, cause I was jumping YOLO.

A Rocket To The Moon Live in Jakarta 2013

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