Sunday, September 1, 2013

screw da world!

"I do not know how the Third World War will be fought, but I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth — rocks!"  Albert Einstein 
The horrible Syria crisis. I'm still confused what it is all about. Some say politics and some say religion issue. If US wasn't involved to this issue, yeah it can be the religion issue. But it's still hard to believe if it's just because a religion issue between Syi'ah (that I'm sure they're not Islam actually) and Sunni (Islam).

In this case, US already get involved to this twisty thing. Then ... this crisis could be their plan or they've got some evil plan behind it all. And I think it's definitely not a religion issue. Is the US, NATO, the European Union and the Arab dictatorial regimes supporting the opposition on the basis of religious motives? Can you imagine that the western is so damn religious all of a sudden when they see a conflict in Syria? Nope

Here I found a link from a source. The article said it's the a decapitation video of two christian civilians by the opposition terrorist in Syria. Actually I haven't watched it and I don't wanna watch it. Hell, even too scared to imagine it. So if you watched it, please tell me what you saw. #hope it's a hoax

Every time I see a conflict that involves the US, Israel, China, and Arab, I always imagine a world war 3. Goddamit yes WW3! Israel will be allied with US, South Korea, and the western. On the other hand there will be China, Arab, Russia, North Korea. How cool is that! We're gonna need a new planet.

"Let's destroy each other! Let's ruin our planet! Yeah, let the cutie nukes burn them all! Then the humankind will become extinct. Congratulation!"

I mean, OH COME ON! You guys are gonna use the nukes? Where's the fun then? Well yes, it is more effective and efficient for genocide. But it's gonna be cooler if we use some other weapon like guns. It's classic but not an old kind of gun. A laser. YES, LASER!

Battlefield full of laser weapon. Reminds you of Star Wars, Star Trek, or Captain America, eh? Yeah, isn't that cool? The Daleks shot Captain Jack Harkness also with laser (Doctor Who). What else? Hm..yeah many movies use laser weapon.

Oh talk about weapons, it reminds me of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Remember the plot? There was someone behind the World War 1, Professor Moriarty (who own a weapon company), a mastermind of all. 

Now, take back your mind, could you answer the question?
"Who is the criminal mastermind?"

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