Monday, October 28, 2013

When will I?

"Here I am everyday since you said you'd come again. But it's not fair cause you're not here. I wait in vain but nothing has changed. I'm a flower soaking in the rain. If I could wish one thing, I'd hear you call my name. 
Little thing like the way he looked at me a certain kind of way. Tell me, boy, where are you now? Cause I don't know how much longer I can wait. I'm a dreamer waiting for the sun. When you call my name I know my life's begun.  
You know that all my life I've been waiting. Waiting for someone, someone like you to love me. You can't come by like an angel into my life and then fly away, fly away.. 
Tell me, boy.
When will I see your face again? When will you touch my life again? When will I breathe you in again? I think I love you. Will I see your face again?"

It's the lyrics from Jamie Scott and The Town - When Will I See Your Face Again (2007) but I change it a bit (Is it allowed to change somebody's song lyrics?). Old song but it stuck in my head, omg. Never get bored with this song cause I friggin' love the sound of the guitar and his sexy voice.

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