Thursday, November 28, 2013

do some efforts!

I feel so empty. Do I? L.O.L. Y.O.L.O. W.T.H. N.V.M.

I've been wondering. Well as you know, girls always have a crush on guys, one in a place or more. What really bothering me is, the way they're crushing on is way too much (sometimes). How could a girl really really feel something about a guy even tho she knows that he barely knows her, or maybe he doesn't even know that she's exist? 

Lets say in this situation, she had a crush on this attractive guy and walked passed him. Then she was like "OH GOSH that's him, omg. How do I look? I'm shaking, I can hardly breathe, my heart stops. I wish that will be me who walk with him to the altar on our wedding day."

And then her friend was giving an advice "Go on, make a move, talk to him. Make him know that you're exist. At least you can start to be friends."

But she was like "Ugh no, I don't have a gut. I'm afraid. What will I say? He won't even glance at me. I think I'm not his type. What if .. What if.. bla bla bla. Okay, just pray that he will talk to me first."

And I'm like...

Come on! If you fell for an attractive guy with a big douche bag head, it should take an extra effort to get closer. Cause you know, he's surrounded by his fit girl friends who are probably prettier than you.
You want him so bad but you don't even wanna try? 

Dear gals, it's not a fairy tale.

Sincerely, reality.