Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dream a little dream of them

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. -Wikipedia
Sometimes dreams in my sleep make no sense at all and weird. Somehow I like the weird good dream about something or someone or some situation that I know it's never gonna happen in real.

Last night I got this fun dream. Well it's not 'fun' that 'fun' (if you know what I mean lol, nvm). So in that dream, I think my dad was some kind of federal agent. He got a case which is I have no idea what it was about but somehow in the dream I knew the bad guy.

There was this man came to my house and talked with my dad, I guess he was his friend or something. I could feel my face was changing from straight to shocked when I saw the guy. I think I knew that the guy was the suspect related to my dad's case, but my friggin' dad didn't know that he was the bad guy. And then I saw him lookin' at my face, I think he somehow knew me before.

After a while, my dad was about to go but the guy didn't leave. Shit, he was staying in the house with me, alone. He came after me, we were struggling he was trying to kill me or something. I ran to the basement which is also a lab (how cool that is!) and screaming "Abby!! I got his DNA" (Dafuq, why Abby? idk). She got the DNA, and my dad came home and pointed a gun behind his head (just like in the movies). When my dad arrested him, I talked to him "Dude, I love your movies. Hollow Man? Yeah it's cool". THE END.

So, it was a pretty cool dream. I mentioned about Abby, didn't I? Well she's a character from a TV Series, NCIS, played by Pauley Perrette. She is a forensic specialist, expertise in ballistics, digital foresic and DNA analysis. Who played as my dad? He's Gibbs (Mark Harmon) from NCIS also!

Do you know who's the guy on my vision in that dream? He's the friggin' KEVIN BACON! Shit dude, I know! That sexy villain! I don't know since when I've been fantasized him lol. But seriously, he is such an actor! (Damn I can't stop "!!!")

You know, he's so fit even he's friggin' older than my dad. Damn, now he's 55! But you see, he was damn fit when he was about 30 in Hollow Man, Tremors, and also damn good in Wild Thing!

Kevin Bacon - Apollo 13

He has been starring so many many movies from thriller, crime to drama and romance comedy like "Crazy, Stupid, Love". He can do every character he want and make it great. Oh man, I'm such a big fan!!

That dream had a weird plot and make no sense at all. Next time, I wish the person who play as my dad is Liam Neeson, Robert Downey Jr as my Holmes uncle, James Franco as my hot goblin villain, and Orlando Bloom as my elf boyfriend. I'm gonna make a list. All actors in one scene. Oh maaaaan, I gotta pay for that dream! Pray for Inception.

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