Monday, December 23, 2013

Love for Kili of Durin's Folk

Who said dwarves are just some unattractive, short, fat, ugly and messy guys?
Look at this one, he's just sooo...
OOoohh.. I can't.. OOoohh those eyes !!
YESS! It's Kili, and only him.

and me like..

extremely ridiculous

why do we love archery guys eh? (like Legolas)
fetish? idk

That smile and happiness

That laughter

And that face we'll make when The Hobbit 3 come,
then you find out that Peter Jackson kills Fili and Kili

And then I can never stand on my feet when I see him die

Let's see next December.
We all hope that Peter Jackson won't kill them, will he?
But Tolkien already killed them anyway.


Friday, December 13, 2013


have you ever been tired of being a good person?
how could people keep doing it?
cause i just can't.
i'm tired of being your savior or whatsoever you call it.
from now on i'm gonna try to be a bit careless and not to be the one who handle everything.
it's feels good to have someone you could rely on, a.k.a ME. 
but have you ever thought that i wanna have what you have, but its so hard to rely on someone who have no idea what we gotta do.
can you handle these things please?

every time i'm a bit pissed off, they're like "Ran, you mad? sooorryy.." then they can't just forget that i was mad at once. and it makes our whatevership a bit uncool. for god's sake can you just forget that i was mad. its natural to be mad, maybe i was having PMS and its not the whole thing about me, 'The easily pissed off gurl'. FYI, I can calm down after I show my unhappiness and easily forget your uncool behavior to me. I just forget those things, but you don't.
Okay, i'm mad sometimes, i'm good sometimes, deal with it. Just be cool. And I'm sorry.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

my fandom, my gold

Yesterday (Saturday) I woke up at 8am and was like "DAMN I have a class and gotta go to Indonesian Readers' Festival!!" but then.. "Ugh, the class isn't too important and I can go to the festival on Sunday" and slept again.

Today, I tried my best to wake up earlier than my usual time on weekend. I would regret it if I didn't go to Indonesian Readers' Festival anyway (#IRF2013). And I've prepared a shirt I wanted to wear to that event. It was Doctor Who t-shirt. Oh I'm so sorry for being a freak, but I do love it.

So the event held at Museum Bank Mandiri in Kota Tua (Old Town?) and the building have no AC in the hall, damn hot. I went with my loyal friend lol. It took 3 hours from my house. WHAT? YES, 3 FRIGGIN' HOURS. I don't have the faintest idea why it took so long. Yeah you can imagine how shabby, tired and hungry we were. Thanks to Shelly my 'bolang' friend. LOL

The event was pretty cool. I got some new books (actually its not new, its like 2nd hand books in a good condition to be read). And there were some awesome booths like EorlingasID (LOTR&Hobbit), WesterosID (Game of Thrones), TMIIndonesia (The Mortal Instrument), IndoHogwarts, Narnia Indonesia, and many more.

In Eorlingas_ID booth, there was this amazing little Smaug.
How can I make one for myself? :(
This stuff is too cool and I want it really bad!

I visited Kelontong Sihir souvenir store. You know what I found? OMG YESSSH I was so lucky that I found a TARDIS pin button and I found the last piece of it. I bought it and a Targaryen pin button from Game of Thrones. There were some other stuff like Harry Potter's wand, Hunger Games stuff, LOTR stuff, but mostly they have Harry Potter stuffs.

Actually I was looking for fandom t-shirts, but didn't find what I want. Huffhh capek deh padahal udah bawa duit lol. But but but as you remember that I was wearing my Doctor Who tshirt, I just felt that people were looking at my shirt! I was hoping there would be a geeky handsome tall smart stranger came after me and said "Hey, you're a whovian? COOL, me too!" (we all can have an imagination) But no one dare to greet me as a whovian sistaah, they just kept looking at me. I don't know what they were looking at anyway. LOL

Theeen.. there came this little girl with an excited face. "WHOVIAN YAAA??" I was as excited as her. "OOHH YEESS I AAAM!" I wasn't the only whovian who came!! We shook hands, she said her name's Fatiya or Fatin or something (I'm really bad at remembering names). So yeah we chat a bit about Doktah Whoo. She didn't talk too much, we walked separately and said goodbye cause I was going out of the hot building I just couldn't handle.

Besides Museum Bank Mandiri, there was Museum Bank Indonesia. I swear this building is much better. Its really cool, calm and good with free entrance. It has a really great maintenance and the stuffs have been in modernization. Yah iya laaah, secara.. ini kan history of central bank in Indonesia which is so famous gitu loh, so it should be a role model for another museum. There are some creepy rooms and awesome rooms inside. I held a really really big and heavy gold in a room and it used to be depository room. LOL

replica, boring.

So.. It was a really good day to meet another geeks.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Now I'm All Messed Up

You'll leave me in the morning anyway
My heart
You'll cut it out you never liked me anyway
Why do you take me down this road
If you don't wanna walk with me?
Why do you exit, go it alone
When you could just talk to me?

Now I'm all messed up
Sick inside, wondering where
Where you're leaving your makeup
Now I'm all messed up
Sick inside wondering who
Whose life you're making worthwhile

Go, go, go if you want
I can't stop you
Go if you want
I can't stop you

Geez I love this lesbian duo's songs