Monday, December 23, 2013

Love for Kili of Durin's Folk

Who said dwarves are just some unattractive, short, fat, ugly and messy guys?
Look at this one, he's just sooo...
OOoohh.. I can't.. OOoohh those eyes !!
YESS! It's Kili, and only him.

and me like..

extremely ridiculous

why do we love archery guys eh? (like Legolas)
fetish? idk

That smile and happiness

That laughter

And that face we'll make when The Hobbit 3 come,
then you find out that Peter Jackson kills Fili and Kili

And then I can never stand on my feet when I see him die

Let's see next December.
We all hope that Peter Jackson won't kill them, will he?
But Tolkien already killed them anyway.


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