Friday, December 13, 2013


have you ever been tired of being a good person?
how could people keep doing it?
cause i just can't.
i'm tired of being your savior or whatsoever you call it.
from now on i'm gonna try to be a bit careless and not to be the one who handle everything.
it's feels good to have someone you could rely on, a.k.a ME. 
but have you ever thought that i wanna have what you have, but its so hard to rely on someone who have no idea what we gotta do.
can you handle these things please?

every time i'm a bit pissed off, they're like "Ran, you mad? sooorryy.." then they can't just forget that i was mad at once. and it makes our whatevership a bit uncool. for god's sake can you just forget that i was mad. its natural to be mad, maybe i was having PMS and its not the whole thing about me, 'The easily pissed off gurl'. FYI, I can calm down after I show my unhappiness and easily forget your uncool behavior to me. I just forget those things, but you don't.
Okay, i'm mad sometimes, i'm good sometimes, deal with it. Just be cool. And I'm sorry.

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