Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm hip

I don't know if people know that I can see 'you' searching my name on Google.
Yes yes you're right, I can see you.
I don't know who is stalking me but I'm pretty sure there is.
Because I ...

Just kidding :)
I'm just bored

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Get Lost

Oh short vacation.. really really short. Imagine only three days for vacation. Yeah there was a reason besides the country's just a small land that could be explored in just about two days. The hotel was quite pricey cause some of the companions didn't want to stay in a hostel, creepy they said. Actually I don't mind to stay for five days if only we agree to take the hostel. 

It's an experience I wanna taste before I die. Meeting new people, knowing other culture, sharing travel experience, that's what hostel offered (so for next vacation, who's willing to stay in hostel with me? Let me know, okay). But you know, I wasn't so disappointed rent a good and pricey apartment cause I met a guy who stay under our apartment. He was quiet catchy tho.

The vacation wasn't so special, there was nothing I could laugh at. In our first day, we were about to have dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay, sort of hawker centre near to Esplanade. You can't imagine how crowded it was, even you have to kill first if you wanna have a seat because it was Sunday and people are starving (okay it's too much). Then finally we got a table, sharing table with two Singapore girls who keep talking in Chinese and two German guys who are fine.

The Singapore girls didn't talk much to us, but I was having a nice chat with those funny German guys (whom I thought they were gay). Too bad Puput couldn't join us, I knew she was dying to join the three of us. I was just smiling and made a 'you know what I mean' teasing face at her. Only God, me, and her who know why we're obsessed with foreigners.

Second day, me and Puput didn't join the others to hang out at the USS cause you know it's quiet pricey for backpacker like me, and I'm not a big fan of amusement park with a non sense price. Then we were gonna explore the city but had no idea where to go, so we took a bus and just followed our feet. Anyway, I just followed Puput every time we get lost cause she was the one who asked people for the right way. FYI, I was the one who made us lost but somehow I like being lost. Lost is cool. It's an odd feeling.

We went to Katong and had a Laksa for dinner at 328 Katong Laksa. I didn't realize until I sat down and saw a board besides me. Yeah there was a picture of Gordon Ramsay in Singapore, good isn't it?

Third day, really nothing special... went shopping in Orchard which is boring for me, went to Chinatown again, then back to the airport and took pictures as many as possible (you know girls). I've got 219 photos in my camera for the only two days and a half trip. (girls.. *rolling my eyes)

See ya!