Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Old way is a cool way (Postcards)

"What? Postcard? What the hell is postcard?"
That was my reaction when I found people sending postcards at each other. But then, I saw people's postcards and was like "Oooh there's a stamp in a postcard?" That could be cool cause I like stamps, a lot.

I had never sent a letter nor postcard to anyone, oh wait I remember I sent one letter to my cousins when I was in 7th grade cause it was part of Bahasa Indonesia homework. And then..I found this website called "Postcrossing" where people can send and receive postcards from random person random country. It could really surprised you sometimes when you receive one from a country you don't even know that's exist.

I joined this site last month. The first postcard I sent was to Russia and Germany. So I bought a pack of postcards and I had to write something in it. After that, I went to the post office. Oh you know what! I had never been to post office before, funny isn't it? When I arrived I was like "What am I supposed to do? Who are these people? Where can I buy a stamp?" I was like a dumb little girl, thank God I wasn't alone, my cousin was with me.

"I want to buy stamps"
"How much?"
"Maybe Rp8.000?"
"Where are you gonna send?"
"Ah it's Rp10.000 you can buy it right there"

I was like "Damn man! I read on internet it wasn't even more than Rp8.000. Rp10.000 is so much!"
But then I bought Rp 20.000 for two postcards. Well, I admit it's a fun hobby but it could drain your pocket.
My first sent postcards arrived in 25 days to Germany and Russia. And that means it was my time to get two postcards from another member (Spain and Germany).

It just arrived today from a really kind member (the one from Germany).
Actually he didn't have to send me back but he did it. Oh he's too kind.
Thanks to Gabriel.

It also arrived today from Spain!
One thing I like from this pack is Spain's stamps!
It's really cool, right? I found that she collected stamps.
No wonder the stamps she gave me are so cool. Thanks to Montse.

And yesterday I received a letter from an old dear friend from Greece.
I think this stamp is my favorite so far. Thanks to George

Now I'm just waiting one postcard from random Postcrossing member and one letter from a really dear friend in Turkey.

One new hobby.

Happy Postcrossing!


  1. HOW FUNNN! and i thought it would be expensive to send postcards.
    tmn gue orang Jepang ngirimin dua kali dan krn gue kira mahal bgt bisa ratusan ribu gue nunda2 mulu. I think I'll send it soon then. thank you raaannn infonyaa.
    kalo ke jepang mestinya ga beda jauh lah ya ke europe?