Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bus Legs

You can say that the girls who use mass public transportation everyday from Bekasi to Jakarta (which feels like going from Pluto to Earth) are strong girls. Oh I didn't mean to brag about myself, but that's pretty much the truth tho. Yeah I am strong, I even could do 5 tons lifting weights. Strong forearms, strong legs I had from standing up on the bus everyday with the scents of human flesh around. Could you imagine? Oh don't.

People usually nap on the bus when they get a seat in a crowded situation. That's what I call happiness. But standing up doesn't break myself down to do a nap. If you ask me what I'm good at, I'll say "nap standing up on the bus". I have this ability that I've been training for three years, the ability to remain upright and not stumble while standing in a moving bus. Geez, what a bus legs right!

They asked "How the hell did you do that?". Easy cheesy! Just close your eyes. Feel the connection between your hands, arms, legs, and your whole body to your brain. It's pretty much the same like doing the step on rapid dream so you still can control your legs. Remember, this is a nap, not sleeping, so don't sleep deeply or you'll fall.

My dad can't sleep on the train, my friend can't sleep on the airplane, my sister can't sleep on the bus, my brother can't sleep on angkot. Me, I'm just really good at napping and sleeping anywhere anytime, especially in class. Amine said if there were a championship for napping, we surely would be the winner!!

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