Tuesday, March 17, 2015

welcome to the real world

It's my first post in 2015 I guess. Been so long since the last time I touched this keyboard to write absurd things, I kinda miss that so here I am. 

A lot of new things happened in the last couple of months, but some things remained the same. I'm still the same girl who has no idea how to talk like a mature woman. I think I'm gonna make some exercise for that. 

The news are first, I got a real job before graduate; and second, I passed the trial by combat (whaaa!).

I've been working for three weeks in a business services company in tax advisory. I had never imagined myself working in a tax advisory (cause I never really thought about future work). I never really loved taxation lessons as much as my friend, Andhiny who was obsessed by it and kissed it all over if she could. Oh not that bad, lets say that she like taxation as I adore Game of Thrones. She could talk about taxation the whole day like I could talk GoT all the day.

The work is going fine. I've got a nice work environment, I mean I could get something worse but this one is simply comfortable (for now). The first two weeks, I got into the accounting director's room. He was shouting my name "Which one is Rani? Where the hell is RANI?" in front of all the workers. I showed everyone my most innocent's pale face. I was pretty damn sure I hadn't done anything stupid but why did he shouting my name madly? So my feet finally stepped into his office and he said that my taxation client call him (taxation and accounting are two completely different division), which made him confused why the hell my client could get into his telephone. After it finished we found out that it wasn't completely my fault (pheew!). It was the stupidity of the operator. Sorry man you can't blame me on this, I'm new to this world.

No more movie marathon, no more worthless sleepless nights, no more sleeping all the day home, no more hanging on a fancy cafe whenever I want since then. I miss my student life already. Look at the bright side that I got paid pretty damn well, but it's a sad irony. When you were a student, you got plenty of time but no money. Now, you got the money but limited time for fun *sigh.

Another news is I passed the trial by combat. I mean thesis and comprehensive session. I passed that test and the judges decided that I could graduate this term after all those struggling endless nights without a peaceful sleep.  I wished I could demand a trial by combat just like Tyrion did on GoT season 4, so I could pick my champion to do the trial. I wished...

It was one hell of a week before the session. Night was our my enemy, he kept reminding me to study when my mind wander off at night but my eyes couldn't open herself. In the end, I faced the session without a great preparation. It was the same like any of my finals week, always study the night before. Still can't believe I passed it all, even it wasn't A. No one really care about the mark on this stage, the most important thing is passed the trial and go on with your life.

I can go on with my life, going on with the new work, trying so hard not to get fired before three months, and waiting for the graduation day. After that, I'm gonna be a full big girl in a big world. My only hope is not to get lost in "the night is dark and full of terror", so that I need an elven blade, my Sting, my Glamdring...

Oh and by the way, I really need to change my blog's title. The writer is no longer a kid, but still a weird kinda grown up girl. Any idea for the title? Desperately need some idea.