Wednesday, July 15, 2015


My mind is buried under the ground.
Lack of faith, breaking rules.
This is my lowest point of myself.

Not exactly.

My life is just a boring pit, and my job, and my social life. I need to step outside my comfort zone, isn't that what people are trying to do? But some people still remain the same and stick to their comfort zone. Folk, really, we need to go beyond the boundary we made.

What I want to do right now is traveling alone in some random country. Yes, ALONE. Sometimes you will discover yourself when you are alone. Some people feel sorry if they see someone hanging out alone by him/herself, or they feel insecure to go out alone to have a nice cup of coffee and quietly reading a book. In fact, trying to enjoy your own company is a one way to a real happiness.

Have you ever thought about your day in some many years from now? You will be old, all your friends slowly disappear from your life, your children can't be there with you their whole time cause they have their own life, your husband and wife passed out in a blink of your eyes. And in that point you suddenly feel alone in this world.

We were alone since the day we had little hands, little feet, little head inside our mother's womb. And we will end up alone when we die. If you can't be at peace with yourself, you will not find a happiness. Happiness comes inside you, your soul.

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